RED-BEAU - Canine Training & Behavior Specialists

Certified professional dog training and behavior specialists serving Hilton Head and Bluffton, providing positive motivational and result-oriented training for you and your dog. We specialize in training and behavior solutions for obedience, puppy imprinting, agility, behavioral problems, and much more.

Everyone would like a well-mannered dog. How nice would it be for the passing jogger to look at you and comment on your dog’s obedience? We can assist you in obtaining this goal. We keep in mind busy work and social schedules and incorporate training into your every day life.  
Puppy Imprinting
How about never dealing with behavior problems with your dog? If a behavior problem is never allowed to develop, it does not need to be corrected! There is a small window when a puppy is like a sponge. With early socialization and imprinting, you will have a well-adjusted dog for his/her lifetime. Let us help!

Does your dog need confidence? Do you want a fun bonding experience that will provide you and your dog with exercise? Agility is the answer. Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in America. Sure beats a short walk around the block!


Behavioral Problems
What an embarrassment! Is your dog aggressive? Does your dog still soil the house? Does your dog run your life? Can your dog not live without you? We can help identify the underlining problems and design a program to get your dog back into real living!

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